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...Inside the box was launched in October, 2013 and is now in fifty Daycare Centers and ten retailers in Toronto including Scholar's Choice.   

Mauki Baum, an organization that specializes in Autism, has taken on the product and is purchasing them for the parents. The kids seem to respond very positively to the Playhouse as it eliminates most of the outside distractions.  

The dimensions of the Playhouse are, 48" x 32" x 32". It is comprised of two sections which easily slot together to make the Playhouse, and then fold down to a keeper box that is 20" x 37", 4 1/2" in depth.  As shown in photo, it comes with pre-cut windows and doors and a black "back yard" line drawing for colouring. 


Inside the Box leaves technology behind and explores the simple pleasures of a child's creative play world.  Kids can colour in the inside or out, add their own graffiti, put on a puppet show, or colour a façade and use it as a backdrop for a play, ready for the parents to record.  But most of the time they just hang out inside with pillows and blankets, play board games or "travel to a different universe".

Inside the Box is made of double-walled corrugate and is "Go Green" recyclable.   


Daycare Centre Price: $29.95.  Four or more: $28.00 per unit.

Let your child's imagination rein free with this big 48" x 32" x 32" home for creativity.
Two interlocking sections fold back down into an easy keeper box for storage between adventures.
A space to create, play, decorate or just hang out.
Made in Canada of sturdy, recyclable double-walled corrugate, with plenty of doors and windows pre-cut for imaginative play.
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