Artist's Statement

The inherent visual and haptic qualities of the materials inform the design. I am interested in exploring the inter-relationship between nature and the human. For example, my newly designed Tectonic Sphere represents the geometric fusion of two types of wood, (Amboyna Burl and Maple) combined with stainless steel. The "shift" of the two half-spheres represents tectonic plates. The Tectonic Sphere therefore represents my holistic vision of organic design, which in turn, embraces sculpture and architecture.

My process exploits the creative qualities of experimentation and preparedness: The Plant Stand initially originated from exploiting the inherent organic qualities of the rock, which in turn, influenced the entire design. I would cite this event within the dimension of experimentation. Conversely, one of my picture frame designs originated after studying the form of a 1950's fire alarm. Hence, this design emerged from being mentally prepared and sensitized.

The inspiration for the Cantilevered Side Chair was two pieces of timber, one leaning against the other.
After studying their configuration, I imagined them as interlocking forms which morphed into the present design.  This piece is specifically designed for the lobby of a major Museum or Art Gallery.

Unlike the previous examples, the Bookstand design came about from a pre-conceived notion: from the onset I had intended to design a bookstand and sculpted a geometric form, which attempts to transform the prosaic. In other words, I am placing the sphere within a new context, e.g., the Bibliosphere. This process of design therefore situates the materials within a context, embracing sculpture and architecture that appears both familiar and mysterious.


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