Exhibit Picture Display and Mirror. Sold through Umbra Ltd.

HIGHWIRE Picture Frame Display

HIGHWIRE is a hanging display system that puts a new spin on the idea of the picture frame. Not only has it been designed to function as a unique picture frame display, but it is also a bold, aesthetic piece in itself. As a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and the Ontario College of Art and Design, David Fleishman has a diverse background in art, architecture and design. Focusing on an industrial look, Fleishman’s aim is to produce a clean, economical, and functional design. All hardware components have been individually designed and manufactured, giving the overall piece an industrial elegance. Materials include aluminum turnbuckles which connect glass frames to a steel rod; the turnbuckles adjust to straighten the frames. The photographs - or artwork - float between the two pieces of cut-glass allowing easy replacement of images. This modular system displays multiple images from one support system, providing many different arrangements to accommodate customer needs. Combine variations to create a gallery in your home.

Triple Frame 5x7 8x10 5x7

Triple Frame

Double Frame 4x6 8x10

Double Frame

Single Frame 8x10

Single Frame

In Loft

In Loft

Combine Variations To Create A Gallery In Your Home

Living Room Display

Triple Frame Packaging


These patented original designs were sold throughout North America

Single Frame

Single Frame

Original Patented Turnbuckle Design

Original - patented

Single Frames in Rustic Setting

Singles in a rustic setting

Display at Ashley's

Ashley's Display

Showcasing a Variety of Styles

Variety of Styles

Double Frame

Double Frame

These Umbra versions were sold world-wide

Umbra's Trapeze 6

Trapeze 6

Umbra's Desktop


Umbra's Flipside Frame


Umbra's Trapeze Metal - Circus

Trapeze Metal

Variety of Styles

Variety of Styles

Umbra's Trapeze Mirror


Umbra's Trios


Umbra's Trapeze Wood and Metal

Trapeze Wood

Umbra's Trapeze Clock

Trapeze Clock